Meet technology at your table

This year FabSpace invites you to their Summer School to get hands on cutting edge technology in the field of EO, IoT and in between. From Monday 27.08.2018 to Friday 31.08.2018 you'll have the chance to work on a lot of topics.

With special support by our two partners Software AG and Count+Care GmbH.

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The table setup

For our Summer School 2018 we'll introduce you to a table based design. At our venue you'll find several tables in one room, each for up to 5 members. Every table is dedicated to a specific topic. In addition to that all tables will have a mentor who will provide advice. But basically you can follow your own ideas and interest. The concept is like a sandbox mode. We'll provide the playground, you'll do the gaming! For your service we provide these five tables and topics you can work on:

EO data

Get hands on new and exciting data comming from the Sentinel Satellites. Ever wanted to know how to deal with radar imagery, or how you can access free space data within minutes. Or make a big step forward and check out Sentinel 5p athmospheric data.


Want to know more about one oft the most promising technologies in Digitalstadt Darmstadt. Then you should have an eye on LoRa wich is a smallband network for a lot of IoT applications. Do you have the next in mind already?


Did you every wanted to know what is an in-memory data base all about. Then this is your call. Get a guided insight into the possibilities of streaming analytics on one of the industries leading platforms - for free.

Raspberry Pi and IoT

Use the Raspberry Pi 3 plattform to build the IoT solution you're dreaming of. You can also make use out of additional data. We have modules, cables and all you need on site.

Business Concepts

Learn how to use the Business Model Canvas at your choice. Play around with your ideas pivot and improve. If you're stuck we provide help to keep you on pushing.

Let's get you started

Prepare yourself for a successfull start and and pleasent week. Before you subscribe to the event make your decision which table arouses your interest. For our planning you should indicate this in the subscription form. It is possible to switch the table on first day but after that you should stick to the topic. Of course it is allowed to change ideas, thoughts and get into discussion with other teams.

After each table has formed a team you should agree on a nice topic you would like to work on. Step by and exchange ideas before getting to work. We'll have whiteboards and flipcharts to help you get your ideas in line. Please be aware of the fact, that we would like you to work in and as a team. So, if you want to strictly follow just your own ideas the event might to be the right one for you.

Important note

The participants will have to agree to signing an NDA not to disclose information about the Breeze technology and the supplied air quality and meta data. Participants will of course be able to discuss their ideas with each other during the event. Breeze Technologies receives proprietary rights of use and exploitation of the generated ideas.

Have a look on the agenda


To get started you just need to bring your own computer plug in and that's it. In addition you can use our ComBase platform to communicate with other users and experts to push your ideas and solution forward.

Monday, 27.08.2018


On the first day, we'll introduce you to the event and form teams. In the next step, you can make drafts and change ideas which one you want to follow.

Tuesday, 28.08.2018


On day 2 you can really start working on the application of your table. The whole day is dedicated to concentrated working.

Wednesday, 29.08.2018


Third day will be almost same as day 2 but we'll add some spices like discussions and feedback rounds. We plan to have a little interaction between the tables on this day.

Thursday, 30.08.2018


On day 4 you should create your first presentations or pitches. The idea is to let you present in sandbox mode. You'll also get a professional pitch training and valuable feedback.

Friday, 31.08.2018

Final Pitches

Final day will be all about your presentations and solutions. Jury will listen to your presentations, followed by the award ceremony.

For our detailed agenda please click here (PDF-Viewer needed). After the registratrion deadline and before the event, you will receive addional informations you might need. If you have questions in the meantime JUST ASK.

And yes, you heard nothing about costs yet. This is why the event is for free!

All you need is your creativity

Beside your personal computer you don’t need to bring along any additional equipment. All other tools will be online or provided by the FabSpace and its partner during the event. First, we want you to subscribe to the event, you can find the subscription link below. As interdisciplinary teams usually provide the best results, we do not expect any specific expertise from you. Of course it is helpful if you already know about your topic and you just want to enlarge your experience. But we created this sessions especially to provide a first access.

Open for everybody

No matter wich field your active in its worth to join our event to team up in a heterogenous group. Everybody is welcome to join.





Behind event

The Summer School is jointly organized by FabSpace 2.0 in cooperation with Software AG and Count + Care GmbH. The idea was to provide a low level entry into some of the most intresting technologies in the field of Geo, IT and in between. Last but not least we want to give enthusiasts and creative people a space to test their creativity and ideas.


Cooperation Partners

Sascha Heising

FabSpace 2.0

Md Bayzidul Islam

FabSpace 2.0



DATE: 27.08.- 31.08.2018

TIME: starting at 10:00, ending at about 18:00 each day

LOCATION:TIZ Darmstadt, Ground floor, Robert-Bosch-Straße 7, 64293 Darmstadt

ORGANIZER: FabSpace 2.0 Darmstadt

FORMAT: Summer School/Workshop

DEVICES(S): Please bring your own Laptop! No other devices needed

Food and Drinks:Free drinks, coffee and sweets. Lunch excluded!

Accomodation:You can find cheap hotels nearby

Cleaning/Refreshing: Toilets are available